Where you can call it "Home Sweet Home"

Company Name & president

Our firm's president and founder Mr. Philip Mojasam was very ambitious in constructing and manufacturing since his early childhood. He tought himself to be an electrician while he was only 12 years old, during his youth he had worked as volunteer student in a window and door factory. He always had surrounded himself with design and crafting ideas. In the later date when he studied Computer Science and Engineering, he got himself a currier path that he always dreamed of. After working for number of years in public and private sector in his field he was nominated and granted various opportunities within organizations that he had preformed, he also managed to learn Mechanical Design and Drafting directly from the source which was GM of CANADA and System House of USA, a combination of these two virtual and hands on world gave him the desire for building one of kind construction methods which is truly unique and special in every way you look at it. Finally, this burning desire for building and constructing gave him the ideal time to establish a Real Estate firm in construction and development. In August of 2000 Mr. Mojasam's duties in JDS Uniphase Corp. as Test Engineer were ended and that was the time he devoted his full attention to his newly established real estate company, which was called Cipan Construction Group at the time. Cipan was headquartered in Edmonton Alberta until 2006, In 2007 they moved from Edmonton to Ottawa, Ontario and they started investing in the residential and commercial properties in and around east Ontario and west Quebec. Mr. Mojasam was the sole owner and CEO of the company. In 2007, the company name was changed to the owner's last name MOJASAM Properties Inc. . They are located in 425 MacArthur Ave, Ottawa , and provide real estate maintenance and services to Ottawa and Gatineau region.

Mojasam  Homes